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Topic: Racing pigeon now at Youngs vets.
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Posted by: Sarah Felstead
Date/Time: 25/06/22 04:03:00

And now for something different Ö

Neighbour brought a pigeon over to us last night as they had found it in the garden, having difficulty in flying.† It had rings on its feet, contact number on one leg and racing pigeon registration details on the other leg.

We tried the contact number on one foot but must have copied it down incorrectly. I havenít held a pigeon before but it was so lovely, really soft and not at all distressed in being held because he was obviously used to being held.

Took it to the animal hospital at the vets in Hounslow and they said it was a young bird, registered this year, and looks like heís flown into something as he has signs of a neck/head and eye injury.† A few hours later and he would have been the plaything for one of the evening cats.

We hope to hear how he gets on as Young's vets will contact the owner or the racing registration people.

Wonder how far he has flown and how off course he is?

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