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Topic: Re:Re:Windmill Road northside
Posted by: Raymond Havelock
Date/Time: 01/06/21 07:48:00

I'm not clear on what trees are to be planted but trees have to mature to have any sort of carbon impact.

Lime trees and Plane trees are very effective, some of the varieties being lauded as effective are not so good but are easy maintenance and smaller.

But it ought to be joined up thinking by now. Rotation of street trees.  New ones need to be planted and established in advance to those that become aged or diseased or, in this case too large for the pavement and road to be replaced without a significant blow to the immediate environ.

Plane trees can be carcinogenic and the genus variety that produces the seed balls can give bad eye and throat irritations as well as asthma attacks. Known for 70 years so most under that age found in streets are generally the safer varieties.

It's a shame but Windmill Road is a Bus Route and with so much densification on the cards, will become an even busier route for goods and services as well and for local people. It's less industrial than it was but odd that it was never widened a little when the opportunity existed 40 years or so ago when it was even busier.

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