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Topic: Councillor suspended
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 20/05/21 18:38:00

It seems Cllr. Richard Eason (Spring Grove & Osterley) has had the Labour whip withdrawn for a month for 'infuriating' Cllr. Curran, after he publicly asked Cllrs. Khan and Dunne if they were going to resign from their cabinet positions after the debacle over various traffic schemes - LTNs/cycleways - across the borough. So someone with some guts asking a pretty relevant and reasonable question is the bad guy. The fact that these two cabinet members have promoted these deeply unpopular ideas without previous consulation with
locals have actually been asked by one of their colleagues to take responsibility would seem fairly innocuous to most of us, not so in the autocratic fiefdom of Cllr. Curran and his mates. Cllr. Eason is now listed as an'independent' member. 

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