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Topic: Gunnersbury Park Bowls Club
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Posted by: Jim Storrar
Date/Time: 14/01/21 19:52:00

Some may have noticed the item on the front page of TW8 regarding the meeting of Hounslow Planning Committee on 20 January. One item on the agenda that is of particular local interest is the planning application for the change of use and extension of the Bowls Pavilion at Gunnersbury Park to create a cafe/restaurant.

The change of use of the bowling green itself to a mini golf facility would not need planning permission but approval of the application for the Bowls Pavilion would almost certainly see an end to bowling in Gunnersbury Park, a sport that has been played there since 1931.

It would be good if you could write a short email to the members of the Planning Committee listed in the item on the front page of TW8. Please respond, irrespective of whether you are for or against this proposal.      

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