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Topic: 235 and TfL
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Posted by: Raymond Havelock
Date/Time: 04/11/15 17:42:00

TfL seem to treat West London as Third world when compared to projects in East London.

They have completely cocked up the bus facilities for both buses and passengers in Ealing Broadway and are now blaming Ealing Council entirely. It may well be the case given the wall of silence from LBE.

Guy,  I would suggest going to direct to Leon Daniels at TfL and avoid the politically installed stooges parachuted in as they seem to not be able to grasp the nettle and move at a snails pace.

From some reports published of late, there seems to be very little understanding of public transport practicalities by GLA members and of more worry, paid advisers.

Leon ( whom I have had the pleasure of working with some time ago) is very pro active and has in the past managed to get things done, although with his great ally Sir Peter Hendy now gone, it may be harder. But well worth a try.

Residents should also write to Mr Daniels.

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