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Topic: Mixed Mode Recycling Bins Coming Our Way?
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Posted by: Anne England
Date/Time: 22/10/15 23:09:00

Here is part of an email received from Hounslow Council today in response to a specific question re the immediate and longer term plans of the Council re the introduction of mixed mode recycling bins. (These would be in addition to the wheelie bins which are about to be rolled out.)
'The Council is currently reviewing options for the future of the service. The Council’s contract with Suez (SITA) expires in November 2016, and so there is work going on to review and model new recycling services. This includes improving the current ‘kerbside’ service (keep an arrangement of boxes), or a comingled recycling service from a bin. There are pros and cons to both types of services and the Council is carefully looking at these options, and how it would deliver each of them. A decision is going to Cabinet in December 2015, to decide which option will be taken forward. We will of course ensure residents are made aware of the decision and the reasoning behind it as soon as possible after a decision has been reached.
For the time being, the recycling service will stay as it is. Residents will be kept informed which changes, if any, will occur next year.'

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