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Topic: Quakers Lane
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Posted by: Sarah Felstead
Date/Time: 03/12/13 04:40:00

Just had a browse through the front page to the Meeting of Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum, Thursday, 21 November 2013 7:30 pm (Item 5.) where an official reports that the owner of Quaker Lane is unknown ...

"Satnam Sahota informed the meeting that this section of the path was classed as public highway that was privately maintained and was, therefore, not the Councilís responsibility.† The landowner had to first be identified and then asked to maintain the path.† Where the landowner could not be identified the local authority did have powers to carry out the works and reclaim costs from the landowner."

The area concerned is noted as† "in relation to the section of Quakers Lane between the railway line and London Road".

Sorry to say but this area is historically owned by education and the bills went through to them. Never made any sense but was one of those areas/things where putting the official head in the sand meant that nothing had to be done.

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