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Topic: Sky Campus Building Development
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Posted by: Tim Henderson
Date/Time: 06/12/12 09:24:00

Browsing through the agenda for tonight's Planning Meeting, I skipped through the officer's report on the application for another office workspace building on the Sky campus.

At face value it seems a fairly innocuous building under the shadow of the recent big Sky studios box. However, I was puzzled by some of the report terminology and hope that the members of the committee understand it more thoroughly than I do.

"7.25 The proposed building therefore will be legibly and usefully in the right place for a corporate Meeting Centre."  Legibly ?

"7.31...The view of the wide north elevation seen from across the Brent Valley will be limited by the Combined Central Heating Plant plan, waste refuse centre and elevated M4. However, where it can be seen, the stepping surrounds to the portal will provide kinetic interest particularly at night."  Kinetic interest ? 

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