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Topic: a right mess
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Posted by: Anthony Waller
Date/Time: 28/06/12 23:27:00

Anyone who thinks filthy London can be fixed in a Flash with a few bottles of domestic unilever products and the like is sadly deluded.
Hats off the will to do something but if you do not possess the skills  then it is more likely you will make more of a mess than before.

Painting and Planting are skills that are mastered. If they were not then we would not have Kew Gardens or the Chelsea flower show or thousands of horticultural students.

Sadly those skills are not terribly well demonstrated by more than a few 'professionals' and it's not just chancers, it's the sort of ISO rated professionals that get council contracts that often have brilliant and far from brilliant skilled workers.

If the project had been led by skilled people who actually know what they are doing then that's good. Unfortunately. most of those people don't give thier time for free and many risk their reputations on badly executed projects so stay well clear.

This seems more like yet another limp and half baked 'London 2012' PR stunt that gets a bit of a sponsors name banded about rather than a serious concerted effort to tidy the place up properly - which we are already supposed to have done by the appointed contract holders.

Maybe they should take the bucket of Ajax to the tube depot and give the tube trains a good scrub, they are filthier than I can ever recall and ALL visitors are going to see that shameful presentation

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