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Topic: Mayor Boris and the Development Millions.
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Posted by: K Kelly
Date/Time: 26/01/12 11:25:00

Thursday, 26 January 2012.
…. Thanks Boris.
At last real investment in this Borough from the Mayor of London’s Outer London Development Fund, not many Boroughs receive this particular accolade and we hope this funding is used for all concerned.
By this I mean addressing what is seen as the biggest eyesore in rural suburbia and yet one of the most worth while engineering successes in West London after Heathrow. Yes! It’s the A4 Flyover, a Brutalist Structure if there ever was one, strong, sturdy, defiant, and yet totally ignored, its dirty underneath full of brake lining dust dark and dripping and quite frankly the neglect is an insult to Barrett’s who took the chance on us and built the housing complex in an area no other would probably look at let alone devote 2 million to.
If this was a 40 year old structure in Italy only the very best lighting and architectural designers would get a chance to bring this brilliant structure back to life and what a job they would make of it and the surrounding areas including stripping that awful ill thought out so called brick coloured paint of that Bridge and point it up as should have done in the first place, GSK’s gardener how and where to culture those square box hedge laurel tree’s that they are now famous for and dig them in beside the pathways along side the underpass, real Victorian Lamppost’s to surround the entire A4-Windmill Rd South Junction, we do not have many access routes into this Borough but this is the principle one and it has been long forgotten, it is not supposed to be akin to going into Mordor, it’s the ancient meadows of Brentford Syon Isleworth {Island of} and of course Hounslow.
Oh! Don’t even get me started on the DIY abuse of the very rare example of Town and Country shopping parades that line the A4, rare in anyone’s money but here,left to decay.
Its Olympic and Election year and you have your hands full but you still found time and funds to improve our lives.
Thanxs B.

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