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Topic: Swing / Jazz Musicians Wanted
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Posted by: Charlie Costin
Date/Time: 22/09/11 11:59:00

Hello there!

My name's Charlie Costin. For about 5 years now i've been singing Swing / Jazz.

The reason i've put this advertisement out is to try and assemble and Swing / Jazz band together to do a performance in April time at The Waterman's Theatre in Brentford for around 240 people.

I've perfomed there several times before but it was only using backing tracks. I thought it would be brilliant if I could get some people together to actually have a live band for this one night show, and of course just get together with some good people!

I have got a youtube page if you want to check that out, just type in "Charlie Costin". Please feel free to contact me for more info
So if you play any sort of instrument that is within that genre and want to have a go, feel free to contact!

Are you up for the challenge...? I know I am!


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