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Topic: Youth Service : The Future is Cancelled
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Posted by: Mick Brent
Date/Time: 31/01/11 20:19:00

Having worked for Hounslow Youth Service for over 30 years (until I took early retirement in 2007) I can only express my shock and dismay at Hounslow Council's decision to, in effect, cut the Youth Service completely. I know that councils are under serious pressure from the government to cut costs, but to directly cut a frontline service which directly targets, reaches and works positively with at risk young people is little short of insanity. It is only a few years ago that the service received the rare accolade of an "excellent" Ofsted inspection and now it is being unceremoniously dumped.
Some of the young people and youth workers interviewed on tonights 7pm news articulated the value of the service extremely well.
It is particularly galling to see front line services cut when, like anyone who works or has worked in local government can tell you, the bureacracy is awash with useless and pointless tiers of middle management whose only function is to create more pointless bureacracy.
I am appalled and worried sick for the future of our young people.

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