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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:burst water main
Posted by: Andrew Sibley
Date/Time: 08/09/10 12:16:00

From the LBH website:

"Wed, 08 September 2010
A major water main has burst in the Brentford area ľ which has resulted in the part closure of London Road.

Traffic entering Brentford at Syon Lane or Half Acre is being diverted away from the area.

The burst water main has been switched off. We are aware that many people will be experiencing low water pressure or have no water. Thames Water will be bringing bottled water to the site. We will provide location information once we receive it.

If you or your property have been affected by this incident, Thames Water loss adjustors are on site and can be contacted on 0845 72 000 890.

Traffic diversions are still in place and people should check before starting their journey.

Brentford High Street is likely to be closed for at least 10 days as repairs need to be undertaken to the road and footway."

I wonder if the council has learned anything from the burst water main at Busch Corner and thus do something proactive to reduce the inevitable traffic chaos that will once again descend upon the surrounding areas.

I also wonder what the cost to the local economy will be?

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