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Topic: Goodbye Eco Village
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Posted by: Anthony Waller
Date/Time: 28/05/10 10:27:00

So the latter day Tom and Barbara Goods have been turfed off the eco village.
Seen from the 237 yesterday hordes of Baliffs and Police.
It all looked fairly civilised, hard to tell from a five minute stopover on the top deck.

What was not so nice was seeing several said enforcers gleefully trampling down the vegetable plants.
and kicking over some of the infrastructure, whilst still in the view of the former occupants.
Childish and unneccessary.

The occupants have in the main, been an asset locally and have been rather active in countering some of the localities less than sociable elements by displaying manners and civility seldom seen and not expected.

Would be good if TfL  makes a compulsory purchase of part of the site to enable the road to be sorted and the return of the market monument.
Far better than any nasty quick profit build that will end up on such a site.

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