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Topic: Dropped kerbs, Clifden Road
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Posted by: Holly Hodges
Date/Time: 09/03/10 12:17:00

I recently received a parking ticket for 'parking in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped footway' - the dropped kerb outside the gate at Clifden Court.

I avoided parking here for ages due to the dropped kerb (not in front of a drive but a footpath) until Hounslow painted all the white lines on Clifden Road - including marking out all the drives - which I thought were meant to clarify the current restricted areas. So I (wrongly) assumed that no white or yellow lines = it is fine to park here, and I was (perhaps foolishly) encouraged by the fact that there is more or less always someone parked there.

Apparently that isn't the case, and people continue to park there and are occasionally ticketed so I thought I'd say something here in hopes that it might save someone 50.

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