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Topic: Were bras burnt in vain?
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 04/02/10 13:59:00

Apparently John Terry has had another fling with another fellow player's wife, among his many conquests, no wonder we never win anything I wonder any of these roaming players has any energy, as so many of them seem to be at it. Still his wife says she will take him back as 'I love him too much'. Get a grip woman, he's a scumbag and will go on doing this because no-one says no to him, I understand the argument about keeping him as England Capatain, as has been pointed out, finding someone with a normal, settled family life is damn well nigh impossible! That doesn't say much for our professional players. Would it have hurt him to at least have shown some regret or humility and offered to resign? What an arrogant git. I really thought women had come a long way from being the little wifey at home and fulltime doormat, all I can say is that this glam lifestyle must mean more than self respect and peace of mind, I will find it hard to be sympathetic to Mrs. Terry when J.T. does it again, as he surely will.

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