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Topic: Carols in the Park last month....?
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Posted by: Sara Ward
Date/Time: 06/01/10 11:40:00


Thanks to those who made it through the snow for our truely festive Christmas celebration....

If you couldn't make it we had approx 200 people sharing mulled wine, mince pies, hot chestnuts, etc.

That was the night that we had significant snow with people abandoning vehicles and buses skidding.... Monday 21st Dec '09.

It didn't all go according to plan, the animals got snow in at the farm (better than snowed in St Pauls Rec!), we had some power problems... but the lights reflected off the snow, children played and we sang carols...

My final task is to produce a report for the funders and I can't find any photos of the event....

Unfortunately, a couple of our photographers couldnít make it on the night (Iím very impressed with how many people did make it down!) and whilst we were all doing our best despite the conditions, it seems that not many pictures were taken (if any!).

Please could you ask around and forward me any photosÖ it was truly beautiful in the snow and itís a great record to keep of a wonderful event.


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