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Topic: Clitherow Island - owned by Buster Bloodvessel?
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Posted by: Karen Adams
Date/Time: 15/09/09 19:11:00

Did I hear this right? Brentford Festival weekend there was some kind of party 'for invited guests' on the island in the canal, said land having been bought by Mr Bloodvessel (in his real name, whatever that is) with the intention of holding 'private parties' there. Does anyone know any more?

I somehow think Clitherow Island might become rather better known.

Also noticed how damaged the park has been by the recent electricity  installation/TfL work, including the complete loss of one of the gate pillars. Those bricks look ancient and are probably impossible to match. I would hope there was some sort of compensation due as well as reparation, enough to maybe carry out the long overdue resurfacing of the car park, complete with disabled parking [hint].

It seems such a shame that all the progress Linda and the Friends have put so much effort into making seems to be undone just as fast. Two steps forward and two steps back.

Anyhoo. Anyone with news or views on Buster's party enterprise? I presume it's all within legal parameters and if the activities enhance  security of the park it may be no bad thing. They could maybe keep an eye on the carpark for GSK.

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