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Topic: Re:Empire anyone?
Posted by: Christopher Gillie
Date/Time: 16/09/19 22:15:00

I would rather be inside the EU boat p*****g out than swimming outside the boat with everyone else all in their USA/NAFTA, China, India, Trans Pacific Partnership, Mercosur, EU etc etc boats, all p*****g out on my head.

Sure, you might get a little splashback from other people on the EU boat, and thats not nice, but as a big member of the boat, you have rules to minimise that. If you are outside, nobody cares.

Remember that the WTO stops working mid December because Trump is vetoing Judges, so that lifebelt the Brexiters think they have will deflate very rapidly, so better learn to tread water and get a waterproof hat, or change your mind and not jump off the boat.

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