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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Election?
Posted by: Raymond Havelock
Date/Time: 05/09/19 18:29:00

Old and Ronald couldn't do any worse!

Big worry is Labour have not once actually said how they  would deal with negotiations with Europe or indeed how they would do any better.
They have been consistent in one thing, demanding a General Election then when it comes to the crunch they dive for cover.

The irresponsibility of the whole thing from our government and parliament has done just one thing. Exposed the consequences of spin and half truths from all sides and the insane loyalties of ambition over duty on all sides.

And this nation has a terrible history of incompetence at negotiations going back generations.  The Europeans ran rings round what has become a very weak and contradictory nation.  We all are to blame for that because we all blame someone else.

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