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Topic: Syon Park Gardening Centre
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Posted by: Anne England
Date/Time: 23/08/19 11:17:00

What is to become of what is now the gardening centre? I know that Wyevale is leaving but had assumed/hoped that another gardening outfit would be opened in its place. Not so, according to the two staff members I spoke to this morning.
I for one won't be going to Wyevale, Osterley, instead as I no longer have a car and there are no buses up that way.
I don't suppose anybody knows what might be in the pipeline for the Syon site? No doubt at the moment this will all be speculation, indeed one of the staff at the centre said he thought it might be a theme park - I can't imagine this sitting well alongside the hotel!
Right now, it's anybody's guess but no doubt we will know soon enough.

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