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Topic: Kitchen Make-Over company  -  Any local suggestions?
Posted by: Dominic Moore
Date/Time: 04/01/19 15:07:00

Happy New Year everybody!

I wonder if I could once again elicit your assistance.  I'd like to give my kitchen a make-over by which I mean buying new doors, drawer fronts etc. for the existing units plus new worktops, hob, oven etc, ie, I don't plan on demolishing the whole thing back to the bricks and starting from scratch but tarting up the infrastructure that's already there.  The internet has led me to a company called Granite Transformations who do this type of work but their closest office is in Watford, and I'd prefer to have somewhere closer.

Has anybody used a more local company who do this stuff and, if yes, would you be prepared to recommend them? I'd be interested to hear all comments, good or bad, particularly those 'Don't touch them with a barge-pole' -type experiences so I don't waste my money. I'm hoping there might be a firm around Ealing/Chiswick/Hammersmith etc that people have used and are happy with.  Any ideas?

All sensible recommendations and suggestions will be most welcome.

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Kitchen Make-Over company  -  Any local suggestions?04/01/19 15:07:00 Dominic Moore
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