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Topic: Brexit implosion
Posted by: Christopher Gillie
Date/Time: 15/11/18 22:35:00

What is best?

Theresa's "Blue Parrot" Brexit (Polls suggest 14% support)
A "No Deal" Brexit (Polls suggest 32% support)
No Brexit at all (Polls Suggest 54% support)

Even Theresa May now concedes that a "No Brexit" is possible.

We have been paying the "Brexit Tax" in the form of a depressed economy for the last 2 and a half years.

Corbyn's fence sitting, the 6 contradictory tests that nobody could ever satisfy and other crafty but deceptive word games do not provide a solution.

On Brexit, the blue parrot seems universally hated so we are left with a UKIP (no deal) versus a Lib Dem Brexit (No Brexit).

If you imagine that the Labour position that we would be a member of a customs union and a single market, following EU rules but having no say, the chances of that being acceptable to the UK are even less than the blue parrot!

Brexit is not a Left-Right argument, it is one between people who want to cooperate and build relationships, and those who prefer nativism and identitarian separatism.

What do you want?

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