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Topic: Heywood Plumbing - The recommendations are well founded, they're good.
Posted by: Rosco White
Date/Time: 10/10/18 18:29:00

Make a note people, you may need a good HW and/or CH Engineer in the coming months and there's certainly plenty of rogues out there who'll vacuum the ££££s from your pocket.

Daniel (the Proprietor) of Heywood is always recommended as "the man" but I have just had the very affable and knowledgeable Afroz in to fix my CH. I am very pleased with his work.

I knew exactly what the problem would probably be and sceptically† waited to see what would be the recommended course of action. Afroz identified the same as what I thought the problem to be and he promptly & efficiently dealt with it. No mention of the dreaded "Power Flush" which is often totally unnecessary and the standard fall back recommendation from far too many lazy Plumbers.

I have no connection whatsoever with Heywood but when a trade is honest, trustworthy & reliable they deserve to have their name mentioned on sites such as this.

The other usual recommendations on here (who I have no experience of) are Peter Earls and Mark Charnock - they were both helpful when I phoned but too busy.

It is VERY easy to be completely ripped off with Plumbing as we all know so I believe it's important to notify the honest traders.

I thank you.

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