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Topic: OWL Success Stories
Posted by: Suzanne Tanswell
Date/Time: 20/06/18 11:32:00

Two more success stories for this week, from Hillingdon:
Stolen vehicle spotted by "OWL" member on way to work. 8 hrs after being stolen and 5 hrs after posting on OWL. The vehicle has now been recovered and a very happy owner who asks that everyone be thanked.

2/ Further to the blizzard of phone calls to NW and the MPS, a further 999 call to the Police at around 2230hrs last night resulted in three balaclava masked youths being arrested and at least one scooter recovered in Warren Road Ickenham. Police were taking statements from residents into small hours.

If you have not registered, as yet, on OWL, please do so. I shall pick up your registrations (Ealing) and assign you to the watch in your road. The same takes place across the two other boroughs of the BCU, Hounslow and Hillingdon.  The Police in each ward can also message you directly and you can reply via the system.
OWL is GDPR compliant and registrations are free. Do sign on and if you have done so, please help spread the word with many thanks!

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