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Topic: Help advice needed please
Posted by: David Parsons
Date/Time: 13/05/18 13:23:00

This was posted last night on the Brentford forum and Luke needs your help or advice please.

Theft in Brentford - Suspect Know - Help

Posted by: Luke Storey
Date/Time: 12/05/18 23:02:00 

My wallet and keys were stolen from me whilst in a pub in Brentford this afternoon (Saturday).

The thief used my credit card at the pub and a petrol station in Brentford and a newsagents and supermarket in Isleworth before I cancelled it.

I was given his name and mobile number from someone who knew him at the pub and repeatedly attempted to make contact to ask for him to at least return my keys.

He called back and made serious threats to me down the phone, before confessing what he did, followed by more threatening language.

I was very worried that he had my address (from driving license in wallet) and my house keys so I have change the locks this evening at a considerable expense for an out of hours locksmith.

I called the police this afternoon but they cannot take a report until Tuesday morning...

Is this a normal?

As I know who the thief is, the fact that he will have been recorded on several CCTV systems using my card and I know he lived in the local area, is there something more I can do before submitting a police report on Tuesday?

Advice very much appreciated.

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