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Topic: New Musical Theatre Society - New Members Welcome
Posted by: Rachel White
Date/Time: 13/03/18 15:33:00



I am going to be starting a new Musical Theatre Company for over 18's in the Ealing/Brentford/Chiswick/Hammersmith area - depending on interest.

I am an experienced director and I have an incredible Music Director jumping on board.

It will be totally member-funded, but I am putting in a fair bit of money to get it started. Any 'profit' will 100% stay in the company to fund the next show.

I have a number of shows in mind as the 1st show but it will totally depend on member size and interest.

ALL abilities welcome! No audition at all to join or take part in the show but there will be auditions for main parts. Whatever your theatre interest/experience/availability, we'd love to hear from you!

Please let me know if you are interested!

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